Taft Baseball Battles Adversity


Sofia Zendejas

Skylar Self hitting the ball to the outfield.

Sofia Zendejas
David Daniels catching the ball after a strike.

On April 9th, Taft played the BCHS Eagles and unfortunately lost by a score of 9-2. Taft managed two double-plays, and Abel Urias, along with sophomore Corbin Yaws, both obtained RBIs. Reese Hammons, Chad Berry, David Daniels, and Jackson Van Roekel all attempted and succeeded to steal bases between pitches. Even with the great plays throughout the game, the boys couldn’t manage to score anymore and take home a win.

The next day, April 10th, Taft played at Arvin. Although the game was close, Arvin managed to score on Taft’s defense. The final score was 5-1 in favor of Arvin. With 1 RBI, 6 free bases, and 2 stolen bases, the Wildcats could not pull together a win.

Then, April 13th, the boys traveled to Wasco for yet another game last week. Once again, Taft played at Wasco and lost by a score of 9-3. They regulated 2 RBIs, 2 bases on balls, and 8 stolen bases. Van Roekel and Yaws both struck out, but Hammons and Berry had 2 stolen base attempts that were successes. Van Roekel and Yaws both had a total number of 140 pitches each between the two of them. With these good-game qualities, the boys plan to take these skills and tricks with them to the next game. It was an overall rough week of losses in games, but the Wildcats are practicing to take the next win.