Taft High Track Placed 6th and 14th Overall at the Kern Invitational

Kern Invitational was hosted this year at Liberty High School on March 9, 2018. This was an all-varsity meet. Around 21 schools attended, and the women’s varsity track and field team got 6th place overall. The men’s varsity track and field team got 14th place.

Three Taft Wildcats ran the 100-meter race. Cody Keith received 16th place with a time of 11.88, and 29th place went to Roberto Frausto with a time of 12.14. Alex Delgado won 46th place with a time of 13.38. Only one female placed from our women’s team, Kerrigan Yancey, who ran a 14.07 and placed 28th.

For the 200-Meter race, Tyler Terrell won 19th place with a time of 24.34. Also, Cody Keith placed 21st overall with a time of 24.48. For the 200-meter women’s race,Caitlin Bailey  placed 20th with a time of 28.98. We also had Taylor Hale in 18th place with a time of 29.98.

The 400-meter men who ran were Roberto Frausto who placed 2nd overall with a 51:09, and Alex Delgado with a time of 1:05.48 who placed 41st. Our 400-meter women’s race was ran by 2 girls from Taft High. In 6th place overall was Mariah Nevarez with a time of 1:04.74, and Taylor Hale with a time of 1:10.27 in 18th place.

The 800-meter only had one boy participant, Caleb Martin, with a time of 2:49.64. He received 42nd place. The 800-meter girls had two runners from Taft High. Hannah Covington received 38th place with a time of 3:14.86. In 36th place was Alondra Cisneros with a time of 3:04.40.

The 1600-meter boys had 2 boys run. In 24th place, Chase Cortez, got a time of 4:55.95. In 46th place was Caleb Martin with a time of 6:04.52. For the 1600-meter girls,

Alondra Cisneros received 30th place for a time of 6:50.71. 38th place went to Hannah Covington with a time of 7:14.02

For the 3200-meter race we had one athlete run for Taft High, and that was Hunter Thomas. He placed 36th place with a time of 15:47.26.

The 100-meter men’s hurdles was ran by two sophomores. Jonathan Hopkins, who ran with a time of 17.47, won 7th place. In 13th place, Brett Walls, ran a 100-meter with a time of 18.27. For the 100-meter women’s hurdles team,  two runners from Taft, Macayla Well, who ran with a time of 17.07 in 4th place, and 5th place was Caitlin Bailey with a time of 17.44.

For the 300-meter men’s hurdles, we had one athlete compete, Brett walls in 12th place with a time of 45.88. For the 300-meter women’s hurdles we had Kerrigan Yancey, who ran a 52.31 time and got 5th place.

The 4×400 men’s relay team got 8th place overall with Roberto Frausto, Tyler Terrell, Chase Cortez, and Oscar Arellano with a time of 3:41.78. The women’s team did not participate.

For the women’s shot put, we had 3 girls participate. Willow Pilgrim threw a 28-01.00 and placed 12th overall. In 18th place, we had Erina Tuiala who threw 20-08.00. In 39th place was Emily Dunham who threw a 19.03-.00. The men’s shot put had two boys participating. In 23rd place was Bryson Ginn who threw a 35-10.00, and in 37th place was Cody Keith who beat his personal record and got 32-03.00.

In men’s discuss, we had Bryson Ginn who beat his PR with 108-02 and got 16th place. In 18th place was Ilan Katz who threw 107-03. In 25th place was Seth Smith who got a 101-02.  Women’s Discuss had three girls. Sophomore Willow Pilgrim won 10th place with a throw of 85-04.In 16th place was Erina Tuaila with a distance of 77-06. In 22nd place was Emily Dunham with a throw of 69-04.

Men’s high jump did not have anyone participate. For the women’s high jump we had one participant. This participant was Caitlin Bailey with a height of 5-04.00.

Men’s pole vault had one participant which was Gavin White with a height of 9-06.00, and received 9th place. For the women’s pole vault, we had one girl who participated, which placed 2nd. This was Macayla Wells with a height of 8-00.00.

For women’s long jump, we had two girls. Caitlin Bailey, who jumped 15-09.00, got 7th place. In 21st place was Mariah Nevarez, with a jump of 13-05.00. For the men’s long jump we had Zack Tuaila with a jump of 19-07.00. Cody Keith had a jump of 17-04.75 in 19th place. In 35th place was Nick Vargas, with a jump of 16-02.50.

For men’s triple jump in 8th place was Zack Tuaila with a jump of 40-03.00. In 9th place was Tyler Terrell, who jumped 40-00.00. In 19th place was Nick Vargas, who jumped 36-00.00. For the Women’s Triple Jump, we only had Macayla Wells, who jumped 37-01.50 and won 1st place.