Varsity Wildcats Dominated


Sofia Zendejas

Varsity soccer girls with coach Hickman and coach Steve.

The soccer girls had a home game on January 18 against RFK. The J.V. team started a little weak on defense. RFK scored on them with fifteen minutes left in the first half. During the second half, the team was doing better. Their defense was stronger than it was in the first half. With five minutes remaining in the game, the Wildcats got a corner kick. Isabella Toro shot the ball, but the goalie blocked it. The ball slipped out of the goalie’s hands and Julieth Covarrubias was able to get a goal. The score at the end of the game was 1-1.

The varsity Wildcat girls did a phenomenal job the entire game. They kept the ball away from their side of the field. The girls worked together to make goals. Taylor Hale scored the first goal of the night in the first half of the game. The crowd went wild. During the second half, Bella Nuncio, scored two goals. Taylor Hale scored another goal. Then Yadira Astorga-Leon scored one more goal. The game was 5-0. Taylor Hale was given a yellow card in the second half for being aggressive to one of the girls on the other team. Eventually, RFK scored one goal on our side, but Taft wasn’t worried since they were up by a lot. The final score was 5-1.