Oil Tech applications due Feb. 7

Oil Tech is accepting applications for the Class of ’23 until Friday, February 7th. If field trips, guest speakers, job shadowing, summer internships, and special events sound like something you’d like to be a part of, then make sure to pick up your applications from Mr. Pendergrass. Applications need to be filled out and submitted by the end of the school day.

If you were wondering why you should join, we asked senior Oil Tech President, Hallie Terrazas, why she thinks the freshmen class should join oil tech. She said, “Freshmen should join Oil Tech, not only to be a part of something bigger and be involved, but it is extremely beneficial to them. It takes them through many new experiences like working together in a group and properly understanding just how to fully solve a situation or problem. It helps them grasp that oil is, actually, more than just oil! It plays a huge part in our everyday lives–whether we recognize it or not. The program gives you real-life skills that you need to prepare for life outside of high school. Overall, it shapes you into the best version of yourself.”

We also asked Terrazas, what advice would she give the freshmen that are willing to join Oil Tech. She replied, “One-piece of advice I would give to Freshmen willing to join is to put yourself out there and develop connections. Always be prepared and expect that this program will help create more significant skills that become very useful throughout your life. It hands you plenty of opportunities that you aren’t able to get anywhere else!”