Once On This Island, Jr. the musical


Sofia Zendejas

Daniel Beauxhomme (Eulysses Urrea) and Ti Moune (Kenya Orsburn) sitting and talking with each other.

Presenting and switching things up from last year’s musical, we had a new and refreshing act this year. Drama teacher, Kelly Morris presented “Once on this island Jr.” Try imagining a setting in the French Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The story takes place on the tropical island focusing in on a peasant girl named Ti Moune. Ti Moune doesn’t have much, but despite that, she has love. She uses love to bring people of different social classes together and to shape things around her. There’s life, pain, love, grief, faith, and hope that guides her and the story all the way through. It unraveled on one frightening stormy night for her. The story began with the storytellers. Huddled around a bonfire; the people of the village gathered together.

Sofia Zendejas
For the prologue, the bonfire was set center stage to introduce the musical.

D’ Angelo Armenta, a senior who took part of this musical, was the Father character. He plunged himself into his role and enjoyed the experience altogether. “Mrs. Morris was a great theater teacher. It was amazing with all the people. Everyone had good vibes.”

Sofia Zendajas
D’ Angelo Armenta singing and acting as the Father in the play.

With a beautiful music score, vibrant dancing, romance, and much more, emerges a one-of-a-kind story that happened once on this island.

Sofia Zendejas
The cast of Once On This Island Jr. join together after the prologue.