Garden Club happenings

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Garden Club is a fairly new club that was founded last February by Caroline Schoneweis who is also the advisor. Even though they only started in February of last school year, they were able to raise a lot of money by fundraising and plant sales. Garden Club hopes to do more fundraising this year like more plant sales, stickers for Hydroflasks, movie nights, and much more. They were able to get an early start on gardening this year and planted Mayflower beans, various types of sunflowers, zinnias, lavender, artichoke, cilantro, pumpkins, and cabbage just to name a few. “Supposedly, the Mayflower beans came with the pilgrims on the Mayflower,” Schoneweis said. Her junior class reads a lot of American literature, so the club plans on planting things that people in history had to eat in order to survive to see what they experienced.  

The TUHS Garden Club held a movie night on Oct. 22. They showed The Martian with Matt Damon and provided a drink and a stuffed baked potato smoked by Roots Eatery. Movie night almost had a big problem but, thankfully, Mrs. Hamblin saved the day. There was miscommunication on both ends, between the garden club president and the owner of Roots. It was a learning experience that had to happen in order to continue to partner with different businesses.

Garden Club has meetings every other Tuesday in Mrs. Schoneweis’ room, room 162. Their “farm days” are every Tuesday and Friday; anyone is welcome to come and join.

The 2018-2019 Garden Club officers are as follows:

President: Isabella Martinez

Vice President: Yasmin Cisneros

Secretary: Reagan Montgomery

Treasurer:Aylinne Narvaez

Publicist: Brenna Criswell