Taft FFA Chapter makes a Haunted Greenhouse

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(From left to right: Andrew Parker, Aaron Cross, Rae-Lynn Cribben, Mataya Arguelles, Macaela Reilly, Chayse Dean, Dacia Morgan, Karra Yates, Seven Macaulay, Chuckie Budell) The Taft Chapter officers after scaring FFA members. The FFA Chapter annually hosts the meeting at the greenhouse, creating fun and atmosphere for attending FFA members.

One of the many animals, Mia Ham, greeting a photographer of the Gusher. The animals can be seen at the Taft Union High School/Buena Vista High School farm.

The Future Farmers of America, or FFA, has been around for 90 years and yet still inspires young adults across the nation to join and take part. The Taft FFA Chapter itself was established in 2004. The Taft Chapter is now 14 years old yet still strives to give students the opportunity to be more involved with agriculture. The Taft Chapter officers made a unique approach to grasp students’ interest in the organization. The Taft FFA Chapter threw their annual FFA Haunted Greenhouse meeting at the Taft Union High School farm. The meeting consisted of the Taft FFA Chapter officers, adviser Steve Parker, and various Taft FFA students.

The event started at 6 PM on October 30th. The FFA meeting was opened by the Taft Chapter President, Andrew Parker. As the meeting continued, Chapter officers stated their positions and duties. The FFA Secretary, for example, is stationed by the ear of corn. When asked why she was stationed so, Taft FFA Secretary, Mataya Arguelles, stated, “I keep an accurate record of all meetings and correspond with other secretaries wherever corn is grown and FFA members meet”.

After the Taft FFA Chapter officers stated all positions and duties, they continued with upcoming events and past Kern County Fair successions made by the Taft Chapter. Some of the successions included first place in mechanics, Reserve Grand Champion Turkey (Rae Lynn Cribben), Reserve Poultry Champion Tom Turkey (Cribben), Reserve Champion Shorthorn (Gavin White), Reserve Poultry Champion Turkey Hen (Andrew Parker), and many more.

After all formalities and announcements were discussed, the meeting closed. FFA Chapter officers and students then participated in the Haunted Greenhouse. The greenhouse was decorated with Halloween decorations, black backdrops, smokey gray fog, various disassembled toys, and humourous desserts such as a “blood fruit punch” and even “human brain jelly”.  The Taft FFA Officers and a few volunteers dressed up as clowns, murders, and other various costumes in order to jumpscare as well as provoke fear and thrill from attending FFA students.

If students, staff, or other community members wish to participate in Taft FFA Chapter meetings,  they should contact Taft FFA Chapter Adviser Steve Parker before attending. If Taft Union High School students want to be apart of the Taft FFA Chapter, they must contact their guidance counselor to join an FFA class or contact teachers Todd Bass or Parker. Taft Chapter Officers attend Chapter meetings, regional meetings, section meetings, and activity nights in which Chapter Officers do activities with other regional Officers.

Christopher Green (Left) and Yesica Guitron (Right) hanging out before the event started. “It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be,” Guitron informed a Gusher reporter. Green decided to attend to become more involved with the FFA experience.