Students rush to join clubs

Taft High students checking out the Army booth. This booth was for students who are curious about the Army. Many students could interact with each other in the variety of clubs Taft High has to offer.

Taft High held Club Rush on Sept. 20-21. Club Rush has been around since the year 2000 here at Taft High according to Eric Newton. Our new ASB Adviser, Maria Alvarez, set up Club Rush this year. This is her first year at Taft High, but she has experience with Club Rush.

Alvarez said, “There are several different clubs on campus where students can interact with each other and share their interests.” Club Rush gives clubs the opportunity to be present and allow the students to see what the clubs are about. Alvarez hopes, “More students become involved with the different clubs on campus.” One suggestion she had was, “We need to advertise more–maybe have Club Rush in the morning and during lunch.”

There were so many wonderful clubs that students found interesting. It was great to see many students sign up for the clubs during the 2018-19 school year.