Tears for the “Gifted”


Mariah Nevarez

Students enjoy AVID Movie Night in the I.R.C. Lecture Hall.

The AVID program held a movie night on March 6th, 2018 for all AVID members. Over 30 AVID students gathered in the IRC around 6:00 p.m. The teachers would not tell the students what movie they were going to display, so the students were surprised with the movie “Gifted”. The program provided snacks and drinks for the students. They had a table full of delicious junk food ready for the students to grab whenever they wanted. They all filled their plates with candies, chips, and anything else they wanted to have during the movie. The students munched on candy, laughed, and cried throughout the movie. Overall, movie night was a success and most students can’t wait for the next one.   

Mariah Nevarez
Rosa Silva and Delfina Ojeda attending the event with some snacks.