Oil-Tech Students Held Pumpkin Carving Contest

One of the pumpkins carved at the contest

On October 24th, the Oil Technology Academy had a Pumpkin Carving Contest to celebrate the month of October, as well as display the various possibilities and activities the class has to offer to Taft Union High School students. Out of 17 different groups of students, the Oil-Tech teachers chose three winning pumpkins categorized by 1st., 2nd, and 3rd Place. The designs chosen were as diverse as the class itself, including oil derricks, pumpkins vomiting their guts out (literally), an owl design, and even a jack-o-lantern being stabbed with a pumpkin knife.  This lasted for all of fourth period and lunch, until the judges were ready to deliberate.

The teachers were generous enough to provide the contestants with pizza, so they would be able to carve throughout the lunch period. After the judges unanimously chose the winner, they were announced to all of the contestants in fifth period. First place was given to James Clark, Kayleen Brown, Kaylene Teter, and Christina Topete for their oil derrick design inspired by the class logo. Second place was Beau Gongora, Seaona Butz, Eulysses Urrea, and Destiny Harris for their creative design of a murdered jack-o-lantern. Hailey Steele, Jessica Simpson, Marissa Kelly, and Yasmin Cisneros came up in third place, displaying an intricate owl design on their pumpkin. Equally challenging and fun, this group has a lot to offer to the students of TUHS.