Coronavirus hits home


Conner Harris

This is an up close look at the paper towel and bath tissue isle in Albertsons.

So here we are guys; it has been one week that we have not been to school. We are all adjusting to the drastic changes that have come with there being no school. Many of us have been doing good things such as getting our work done and staying on top of our grades during this time frame of self-quarantine. It has forced us to stay home and only leave when it is absolutely necessary. Throughout our town, we have noticed many changes, most of it regarding our restaurants, donut shops, and grocery stores. Many businesses have taken major precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. Albertsons has used red duct tape to make x’s in the checkouts, which are used as places on which they believe their customers should stand when in line waiting to purchase their essential items. Below is an image of the X’s

Photo by Conner Harris
These are recommendations on where to stand in line at Albertsons when you are in the checkout lines.

Some items that you would usually grab when you run out or needed to restock have been hoarded by customers. For example, the meat counters in Albertsons or having to put items on the back because the store would like to preserve certain items for those who need them the most, such as baby wipes. 

Photo by Conner Harris
Above is a note that was placed where the baby wipes would have been originally placed. The note states, “We reserve the right to limit quantities on baby wipes of 2 total.”

There have been many stores that have taken similar precautions as a way to ensure that both the customers and employees are safe and continue to be healthy. Dollar Tree has posted a note on their front doors. 

Photo by Conner Harris
The note above that has been posted by our local Dollar Tree, states that they are doing everything they can to meet the needs of their customers and that they are “honored” to able to help meet all of their customers’ needs during the “difficult crisis.”

Fosters Donut Shop has also taken precaution and allows only one customer at a time and has a desk set up 6 feet away from the counter in which you would originally pay. Below is the business statement that has been issued and placed on their front doors.

Photo by Conner Harris
If you look closely to the note in the upper left corner of the picture you will notice that only one customer is allowed at once and they are also doing takeout orders.

*Taft Union High School has pushed back the return day for students to May 5th, 2020 meaning that date is the earliest school may resume. This also means, that at this moment, the 2020 Prom has been canceled or postponed due to it being before the return date as stated above May 5th, 2020.