Stay humble, work hard, be kind


Gusher Staff

Human Element Students prepared for Kindness Week at Taft High.

February has been officially labeled “Kindness Month” here at Taft High. This coming week, February 11 – 14, will be filled with dress-up days, food, and activities. We asked Human Element Advisor, Emmy Lou Heber, about what kindness month is and the meaning behind it. She said, “To my knowledge, Kindness Month is something that has been established across the world for quite some time now. It’s a way to show others that they’re loved and cared for in hopes of creating a more kind and loving culture. I am not sure how long it’s been a thing at Taft High, but as my 2nd year of teaching Human Element, we’ve done something for it both years. Human Element’s goal is to improve the climate and culture at Taft High, encourage kindness, and celebrate students so this is an event that is very suitable to our objective.”

The following list is for the dress up and activities happening next week:

Monday – Lincoln Day (No School)

Tuesday – Time to Throwback (Past decade/Retro clothing)

Wednesday – Time to Play (Sports jersey/Athletic) Hump Day Plump Day (extended lunch)

Thursday – Time to Twin (Twin attire)

Friday – Time to Love (Pink or Red)

Human Element will be having different activities going on for the rest of February. Heber said her favorite thing about Kindness Month is, “watching students encourage others to be more kind and loving, but then witnessing students display more kindness as a result.” The activities that are to happen throughout the month are, as follows:

– Large weekly posters hung in the quad to encourage others to be more kind.

A “Kindness Challenge” where each day there will be a sign in the quad to challenge everyone to complete that particular act of kindness.

Kindness Paper Chains with notes by students how love and kindness has affected them (these will be in the cafeteria)

– Free Anonymous Kindness Grams to send to anyone here at TUHS.

Treats full of love for our staff to show we appreciate and love them.

 – A Kindness Video with interviews of staff and students regarding kind acts and how it has affected them (this video is planned to take place in the last week of February).