COVID-19 affecting parents and essential employees

Kern County has officially been exposed to COVID-19 and the quarantine was quickly put into action by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, which strictly states that citizens are not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. 

This, of course, has interfered with many parent’s jobs as well as those working out of town who relied on school to make sure their child was watched and cared for.

Schools were closed and all public places besides those deemed essential, like grocery stores and a few others. But the fact still stands that it is incredibly difficult to completely switch up a routine all while still going to work, if deemed essential, and take care of a child.

“It is difficult. My little girl is still very young and requires a lot of attention but it’s hard for me to assess her when I have to go out to the fields every day. And I can’t just not go to work; I have to stay earning money or that’ll just add to the growing problems,” said Elizabeth Mendoza, “I wish this will all end soon.”

Many families are still going and working in the fields in order to keep the grocery stores open. People who work at grocery stores are still going through the same exact thing as everyone else on the globe who’s been affected by the pandemic. 

Cashiers who have to deal with hoarders who think this is the end of the world and demanding that workers come in and scan their copious amounts of toilet paper packages add to the problem.

A worker at a local grocery store said, “I feel as though I’m seen as a scanner but with skin and bones, not as a human who also has family to care for and keep healthy.” She continues to say that the people who disregard minimum-wage jobs, especially in current events like COVID-19, should realize that it is an actual world catastrophe and many others are struggling. Also, that the hoarding mentality is dangerous and can cause others to go hungry or without necessary materials.

It is vital to Kern County that the community stays safe, so people should avoid public places, only go out when necessary, and respect those who are actively working to provide needed services.