Say something for the change

Mr.Williams explains the importance of the changes we can see with this app. The benefits and help that it brings would change the whole education environment. (Photographed by Jacquelyn White)

Taft Union High School welcomed Mr. Williams to talk about how you could prevent suicide and bullying, as well as, introduce a new app called, “Say Something.” This app is used to change the whole environment for education and safety AROUND the WORLD. This idea originated from the Sandy Hook tragedy and focuses on the message of speaking up and to not be afraid. 

Mr. Williams presents a video reporting information about school fights, shootings, and tragedies around the educational community, then asked the students, “What did you notice?” They replied by explaining how all these situations are preventable. Mr. Williams explained that the purpose of his presentation is for, “taking the safety of ourselves and others serious.” This app is to talk about the issues we don’t want to talk about but need to. Help spread the message of say something, simply by contacting the number or downloading the app. Mr. Williams has already brought light into our community by teaching us how to save students and making us aware of those who need support.

For more information, students can visit the website: