It’s official: New schedule next year for TUHS

New schedule for 2019-20 school year

The new 2019-20 school year schedule is official. Thursday, May 9th there was a meeting in the Mullen Gym. Teachers and staff were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and donuts as part of teacher appreciation week. They were also entertained by the TUHS Drumline with their award winning show, “Tesla’s Tower.” After the show, Mary Alice Finn discussed the new schedule with staff, informing them on what the schedule will look like next year and what to expect. It seemed that the teaching staff were on board with the new schedule for next school year.

The big highlight of this new schedule is the time that has been carved out for students on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In this time, students are given 50 minutes to study, make up tests, or ask for help. Teachers are happy with the new schedule, giving a lot of positive feedback, “I think it’s an opportunity for teachers and students to work together,” said Caroline Schoneweis. The schedule will allow teachers time to remediate with students, which is one of the current issues that the teaching staff has been experiencing this school year. For what it’s worth, this new schedule will be able to provided students, athletes, and those who are struggling to find time to work an opportunity to study and better prepare for the future.