The yearbook Is ready for you

The yearbook is complete and at Taft High ready for the distribution on May 28th. Yearbook distribution will be held on Tuesday, May 28th in the cafeteria. Seniors will attend a presentation of the Derrick and dedication during 7th period, and 9th-11th grade students can pick up books during the last ten minutes of 7th period or after school.

Those who purchase a yearbook by May 24th to include a special digital yearbook containing photos from the year that the yearbook class has also created. There will be a signing party after school on distribution day from 3-4 in the cafeteria. Feel free to bring special pens, a snack, and come hang out with everyone while you look through your yearbook and write a special note. The yearbook class is extremely excited to present our 2019 Derrick. Purchasing a yearbook will help you remember the school year of 2018-2019.