Students get ready for Versus Week excitement

With high school coming to an end, the student body comes up with smart and fun ideas to end the school year right. Versus week is a week filled with dressing up and fun and games. The end of the week will finish with a rally.

On Monday, May 13, there is going to be a “Mathlete” vs “Athlete” day. Many students can dress up as someone that does math or as an expert in math. Other kids are going dress up as athletes like soccer players, football players, tennis players, baseball players, and other athletes.  

On Tuesday, May 14, it’s going to be Surfers vs. Bikers. Students can come in there best surfing gear while other kids can come looking as bikers. As a biker, many people may come with a leather jacket and sunglasses.

On Wednesday, May 15, there will be an opposite day where you can wear clothes from the opposite gender or wear stuff backwards.

On Thursday, May 16, there is going to be a Hollywood vs Hillbilly. Kids can dress up really nice as if they were on a red carpet or if they were a Hollywood star. Other kids can dress as if they are hillbillies and compete against the Hollywood.

On Friday, May 17, there’s going to be a Boys (Blue) vs Girls (Pink). On this day, many boys will dress with a blue shirt, pants, socks, hats, or whatever they can put on that’s blue, while the girls dress with as much pink as possible.

Friday will be an afternoon schedule because there is going to be one final rally before the school comes to an end. Bryson Ginn, ASB President, said this about his final rally, “I hope this will be the best rally so far.” With many seniors graduating, this will be their last high school rally that they will ever be a part of. German Mejia, a student at Taft High said this about this being his final rally, “I feel sad because I won’t ever experience another high school rally again.”