Give input get Pizza

Pizza with the principal for the month of March was kicked off with discussions about driver’s training, the gate by the science building, and drinks for lunch.

The main reason why Driver’s Education (behind the wheel) was cancelled was because of money. The teachers training the students had to get paid 20 hours for the week at their hourly rate of pay. The school also has to pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance. It’s too costly for the school to maintain.

A similar issue, trying to pay people to watch the gate, was the same problem with the science building gate. The school can’t keep paying people to watch the gate in the mornings and at lunch. With the gate closed in the mornings, some students are late to classes because they park down there and there is nowhere else nearby to park. The gate has to be closed and locked when nobody is watching (for safety reasons). Within the next four years, there will be major changes to newer students who come. We will bring that information when it is available.

There was also a newer issue at lunch. Juice cannot be served at lunch in the cafeteria and students were upset about not having that choice. The state issued a rule with sugar intake, so the cafeteria is not allowed to serve it now. Students want a variety of things to drink and not just water.

Pizza with the Principal happens each month and all students are invited to come.