Two teachers resign before the end of the semester

How many more to go?

Mark Owen, a first year math teacher here at Taft High has sent in his letter of resignation ending his contract effective at the end of the 2018-19 year.

Owen is the second teacher who has resigned this semester. The first being Stephanie Larios who was the special education math teacher. Both whom just started this year at TUHS.

The letter was sent as of Nov. 29, and has been recently put into the Board Docs for public view. In Owen’s letter of resignation, it states, “Please except [sic] my resignation from Taft Union High School effective at the end of my 2018-19 contract. Kern County has the third highest asthma rates in California. And I believe living in other parts of the state will make me far less dependent on my inhaler. Thank you for hiring me. The high wages offered by TUHSD, coupled with low cost of houses here, has enabled me to by a house. And while I will miss living in it, this future rental house income will greatly improve my outlook on retirement.”

Owen wished not to comment on his resignation.

The first semester now comes to a close and finals are coming up next week as students scramble to study and brush up on their classes. As of yet, no new letters for resignation have come up, but Taft High lost many teachers last year. The lingering question for this next semester being: how many more will go?