The Wildcats Win the Night


Julia Sanchez

Yadira Astorga-Leon getting ready to send the ball up to the forwards.

The soccer girls had a game on January 11. The JV team starts at 4:30 while varsity starts at 6:00. The JV team had about an hour and a half to change and get warmed up. Once the game started, they kept the ball away from their half the the field. During the first half of the game, one of the JV Wildcat girls was tripped on the field. Because of this, we got a free kick. The referee set the ball up at about five yards away from the outer goalie box. Isabella Toro went and got ready to kick it. The whistle blew, she ran, and she kicked the ball. It was in the air and then in the goal. The home side cheered and yelled. The game was now 1-0. The girls made sure Arvin didn’t score while they were winning. During the second half, Arvin tried scoring twice, but the goalie blocked both of them. Eventually the game ended and the score stayed 1-0.

The varsity girls ended up winning with a score of 1-0 as well. Zayn Herrera scored in the second half.

Sofia Zendejas
Julieth Covarrubias running toward the ball before Arvin takes it.