Wild Wildcat Rally


Mariah Nevarez

Taft High students competing in the fall rally games.

On September 22, 2017, Taft High Wildcats hosted a rally on campus. It started off with Sarah Lopez singing the National Anthem.

After that, we got a few updates on the sports, with girls volleyball having a record of 16-1 and the girls water polo team coming in second at a competition last week.  

Sumo Wrestling, the first game of the rally, was a close battle coming down to the Juniors and Seniors. Juniors won with a missed charge by the Seniors and falling out of the ring.

The second game was called the “Hoedown Showdown”. Much like the first game, it was a close one but it came down to the Freshmen and Seniors, the Seniors soon collected the win. The third and final game was a corn dog eating contest. The Seniors won it as well–even with one opposing contestant trying to cheat by hiding a corn dog, and another almost choking.

A big thank you goes to Jacob Gonzales for his quick thinking and footwork during the rally and to ASB for the planning and set-up.