Jonah Armstrong

Mr. Reed preparing for class.

Mr. Reed: a campus-wide symbol of kindness

Mr. Reed is a name that symbolizes peace, love, and charity, across the campus of Taft High. Who is Mr. Reed, you may ask? Mr. Anthony Reed has been teaching and coaching sports at Taft High, for the last eight Years. Not only has he been teaching classes, as well as helping athletes train, Mr. Reed has shown his charity and kindness by becoming the first teacher of  Human Element, who then created, “Link Crew.”

Human Element is a elective class that is aimed at spreading love, and of course, “human” kindness, through the halls of Taft High. This positive and motivating class, taught by Mr. Reed, is not only limited to helping Taft High. Human Element has helped countless charities, and has had many fundraisers in order to raise money so that these charities can use the money for various positive and empowering reasons. When asked what he will miss most about Taft High, Mr. Reed simply looked up and replied, “I will miss the students as well as the staff without a doubt. Even on my bad days, I come to Taft High and, by the end of the day, many people have made me smile and feel better. That is something you simply cannot find somewhere else.”

Reed will be beginning a new chapter in his life by becoming the teacher of an on-campus independent class, at North High School. The class that he will be teaching is similar to the A.T.S. program that we have here at Taft High. Not only will Mr. Reed miss the staff and students, he will miss all the good times that he has had as a Taft High athletics coach. “I think my most memorable moment would have to be getting to the semi-playoffs, when I was the head varsity baseball coach. Although we had lost that game, the team had built a bond that was amazing to be a part of. I will never forget how hard those young men worked to get to the position that they were in.” Reed has dedicated the last eight years of his life, and teaching career, in order to better the city of Taft, as well as our beloved school. Reed has contributed so many positive and inspiring things to improve our school. We will never forget the contributions and sacrifices he made in order to better our community.

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