Jonah Armstrong

Brandi Trejo teaching her P.E. class.

A teacher and friend says goodbye to Taft High

Brandi Trejo is one the the girl’s physical education teachers. She has been working here since 2005. Students have talked about her and said that they love her. Trejo has also taught Athletic P.E., and she only had sophomores in her class. She has been many of the students’ favorite teacher.  She would get to know the students as a friend. There are kids out there that look for a teacher they can talk to and depend on for help–Mrs. Trejo is one of them. She helped kids not just with their classes, but with issues from home or with friends. She makes sure that each of them are doing well. Brooklyn Yaws, a Taft High senior who was awarded a Congressional Merit Award, nominated Trejo as an inspirational teacher and she was honored by Congressman Kevin McCarthy last month. This shows how much she cares about her students individually.

Mrs. Eubank was asked to comment on Mrs. Trejo, and she said, “What makes a great teacher is being kind. The teacher should also be enthusiastic when teaching. If a teacher doesn’t believe in what he or she is saying, then the students won’t either. A great teacher is also patient and cares about the students’ well-being. Being an open and down to earth person can make a great teacher. Great teachers are like superheroes, and they are always there for you. A great teacher is someone who is really dedicated to his or her students. A great teacher is someone who can make learning fun and someone who can be funny and focused at the same time. This is how I see Brandi Trejo.” Mrs. Eubank is Mrs.Trejo’s colleague and friend, and she has been teaching at Taft High long before Trejo arrived, so she has gotten to know her and has seen how she is with kids throughout the years. “She has an enthusiastic style of teaching with a vested interest in the progress of student success and not just in her own class, but advises and helps students with issues in other classes as well as life decisions. She goes out of her way to help others. I cannot begin to list the number of students I have witnessed her help in ways other than her classroom setting.” said Eubank.

Mrs. Trejo has touched many students’ hearts. She teaches differently, and goes out of her way to make sure her students end up succeeding in life. She makes sure her students feel good about themselves physically and emotionally. She was a great asset to Taft Union High School and will be missed by many students, staff, and teachers.

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