Jonah Armstrong

Lisa Polk and Karen Hillygus at the yearbook dedication.

The ‘twins’ are exiting the building

Taft High is known for many things such as having such great staff, sports teams, students, and a good campus in general, but in this case it brought two teachers together. Karen Hillygus and Lisa Polk started at this campus as total strangers but are leaving as inseparable best friends. The two have become very close and a huge part of each other’s lives and “raised our kids together” said Polk. Since being a part of Taft High, the two so-called ‘twins’ have had great successes. “When we had the backing of the board, our program excelled,” claims Polk. The two teachers put in a lot of dedication and time and were, “working here ‘til seven and eight o’clock at night building a program for the first three or four years,” Hillygus proudly stated. They both went above and beyond for Taft High and will be remembered for that.

Jonah Armstrong
Mrs. Polk in her Wildcat gear in front of her student’s “Read” poster.

Even though Hillygus and Polk feel like it’s time for them to move on in life, it will still be a very tough change for the both of them. They both are unable to “…imagine our lives without getting to see each other and being in each other’s space. It’s gonna be hard.” said Polk. It’s a tough and emotional situation for these two. Not only did they build a successful program, but they built a strong bond and an everlasting friendship with each other, one that they will always cherish and treasure. Not only have these two glorious individuals influenced each other in a positive way, but they have inspired students as well. Encouraging them to believe in themselves is their classroom motto. Polk and Hillygus showcase the students who have stood out and put in the greatest effort on a believe poster as their own spinoff of the usual believe posters some would see with celebrities in other classrooms.  

Jonah Armstrong
Mrs. Hillygus smiles in her classroom filled with literacy materials.

It is sad to see such great and influential teachers go. Change can be a hard thing to cope to with, and the school itself has been changing a lot. Polk and Hillygus have definitely left their mark on the school, and the school has left a mark on them as well, one they will treasure forever and always. Although change is rough and, most of the time unwanted, it is a part of life. It is how people grow and move on to the next chapter of their lives. All of Taft High will miss hearing the ‘twins’ with their jangling keys hanging from their necks as they make their way down the halls. They will have plenty of great memories of students and staff to carry along with them as they continue on through their journey of life.

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