Senior swag ready for purchase from Jostens

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Jostens talked to the Juniors and Seniors during the 6th and 7th periods on Thursday, October 24th. Jostens is a class ring designer/jewelry online store and they also sell graduation announcements, caps and gowns, and other items for seniors. You can design your own custom ring or any jewelry you want. Bands can be pricey depending on which kind of band you want. You could also choose to put whichever gems, initials, and mascots you want. 

Juniors, if you want a class ring, you can choose to get them now. You don’t have to wait until your senior year. If a class ring is something you’d wear more than a letterman jacket, there are a variety of choices in rings for both females and males. Jostens doesn’t stop at just rings, they have bracelets, necklaces, and clothing.

Seniors, you would be able to buy your own T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other items. Seniors were given a green paper regarding cap and gowns and were told to fill it out indicating a package of choice. Jostens has different packages for seniors to choose between when ordering their cap and gown like Cap & Gown Package A, Cap & Gown Package B, Platinum Package, and, the most popular, the Wildcat Package. Jostens will be back on campus, November 7th and 8th. Cap and Gowns need to be ordered during the dates above to be able to wear them during Honors Night. 

Juniors and Seniors, it is better to buy anything off of Jostens with the school due to the discounts you will receive.