Fall Recognition Dinner and Turkey Shoot

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Taft FFA and FFA booster are having a Fall Recognition Dinner on Thursday, November 8th. The dinner is going to be located and the farm in Taft Union High School. The address is located on 900 North 10th Street.

This is to recognize people who have supported and worked hard on the Taft FFA organization. This is also to give thanks to the Kern County Fair people that supported them this year.

Taft Ag Department also organized a “Turkey Shoot” to benefit the Taft FFA Boosters on November 10th, 2018 from 9 am- 3 pm. They won’t actually shoot any turkey’s but, instead, they are going to shoot clay pigeons. It’s going to be located at Taft Sportsman Club Range. There’s going to be breakfast, tri-tip lunch, and snack items available.

People will be given 10 rounds for five dollars for the trap shoot with regular, novice, expert, and Annie Oakley rounds. People would need to bring their own shotguns and ammo. The top marksman for each round will win a free turkey.

There will also be a raffle that anyone can enter for $500.