Homecoming Floats Featured Video Games

During Homecoming, the floats were one of the major hits of the night. With their video game themes, the crowd and students involved had a wonderful time watching the skits and choreographed dances of the four class floats.

Brennan Rodriguez
Thunderbird, Jackson Mainard, dances with the rest of the Freshman students on their float.

The Freshman used a Just Dance theme and were bursting with excitement as they performed their dancing skit, which included an enemy Thunderbird, Jackson Mainard, with some less than likeable dance moves.

Brennan Rodriguez
Air guitarist, Richard Posey, with Sophomore students judging his performance

The Sophomore’s float was Guitar Hero themed and featured air guitarist, Richard Posey. The judges downstage were scoring his performance and cleared him with tens across the board.

Gusher Staff
Player, Gary Buchanan, playing “Pokémon Go” for the Junior class float

The Junior class float was Pokémon GO themed, beginning with some modern trainers on their phones, starting up their games and activating the player, Gary Buchanan, on-stage. The player went on to capture another enemy Thunderbird in a pokéball after evolving his Wildcat into the school mascot, Wally The Wildcat.

Brennan Rodriguez
Abel Lopez rescued Princess Peach, Jenna Yarbrough, from a baby Thunderbird on the Senior class float.

The Senior class float included a Super Mario Bros. theme with appearances from Mario, Sawyer Maier, and Luigi, Abel Lopez, who rescued Princess Peach, Jenna Yarbrough, from a baby Thunderbird.

Halfway through the Varsity game, the Seniors were announced the winners of the Homecoming float contest. After all their hard work throughout the week prior to the event, the win was definitely well deserved.