TUHS Exploring More Opportunities For Students

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One of the major topics talked about in the October Board Meeting with Kern Community College District was the dual enrollment classes. Some new dual enrollment classes being explored are: ENER 1510 Intro to Energy, ENER 1520 Intro to Petroleum Engineering, Microsoft Office Suite Certificate Package, BUSN 1500 Intro to Business, ENGR 1500 Intro to Engineering, and IES 1500 Occupational Health safety Compliance. These new dual enrollment classes might be implemented in the future if they are approved by both campuses.

The Board members also brought up the T.C. promise program. This program can help remove the cost of the first year of school at T.C. This can help students who don’t have the finances to attend T.C. The program has many stringent regulations to be able to partake in it, such as maintaining a 2.5 G.P.A. or higher in college. These new programs can benefit those who want more college opportunities.